Friday, December 28, 2007

Bonnie Bought Into A Lie...

I received an email from my blog brother Phil of Theology Today

He shared a story about a woman named Bonnie Parker who lay dying of cancer, and believed if she sowed money into Kenneth Copeland's ministry-she would live.
She didn't.

Read Bonnie's story as told by her she gave money to the ministry-LOTS OF MONEY to the ministry as cancer ravaged her body beyond repair.

"Shysters and Perverts in the name of Jesus"
are lying. Healing will not come just because you give money to a ministry!
God does not work like that!

"Prosperity Gospel" is an oxymoron.
Gospel means truth, however these false teachers are ministering LIES!
Bonnie is not alone. Millions of naive Christians are giving money based on lies.

I pray that these shysters are moved to repent in the name of Jesus, before we hear of more stories such as Bonnie's.

Read the account of Bonnie's life here:

In Memory of Bonnie

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