Sunday, December 02, 2007

Can Someone Help Me Comprehend this?!

Breastfeeding @ 7 years old??

Drumbeat to my twin, One Man of Put The Breast Away-Look At This Nigger, I'm not going to ask him, "how he came across this video?" our momz, might be reading the blog! Anyhoo, below is a European woman who believes in "Extended Breastfeeding." This means, kids are breastfed until the one of their friends tells them," Ewwww, You Suck!!!!" and the kid realizes it's not a compliment.
Seriously, it means the kid decides when they no longer need the sugar tit.
I mean, you leave it to the child to determine when they should be weaned? Well why don't we let them determine how long they'll wear Pampers?? Same difference.
Either I have issues, or this mom does...and I'm brutally honest about mine's.
I'm sorry I can't wrap my mind around this one...and I nursed both of my children...the youngest was weaned at 16 mos.
Lady, you're TOO wrapped up in your children. Get a hobby, preferably around other adults...and PUT ON on b4 you leave the house for goodness sakes!
*pic'd below in the vid, the kid at mom's boob is 7yrs old!*

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