Sunday, December 02, 2007

From The Files of Brian Clay...


Hello World!

The tragic death of Washington Redskin star, Sean Taylor has me deeply troubled for several reasons. There is the obvious loss of a young black man that has the entire world in front of him. The unreal loss the Taylor family must feel losing a loved one over a senseless crime, the painful reality that crime is unarguably Black America's greatest health crisis, is just a few issues that live with this tragedy. Yet what disturbs me most is how Sean Taylor was demonized in the media!

Now the reality is Sean Taylor did have some issues in life. He made mistakes , yet his mistakes were magnified because of his celebrity status. Yes, Sean Taylor was from Miami , a city known for its crime and its dark culture. Yes Sean Taylor wore braids, was a vicious player in the NFL , and was was suspended for his play on the field at times, yet is that an excuse for society to take an open season on his character and play judge on how he lived his life?

What is most disturbing is African- American sports writers , specifically Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star Newspaper, writing a disturbing article associating the murder of Sean Taylor to the "Black KKK".

First, to allow a vile, racist, and disgusting organization to be associated in any article is irresponsible and flat out stupid. Even though he is making an attempt to associate the Taylor tragedy with the reality of "Black on Black crime", the pain and terror that the KKK spread in America, specifically toward African-Americans , is scar that may never be healed.

Second, Whitlock , a African-American, should be more aware that "Black on Black " crime is a byproduct of the poverty and the destitute state that many African-Americans that live in large metropolitan areas are faced with . What are communities need are more persons that are concerned about the crime issue and take action in solving the problem. African-Americans, who have attained a certain status in life, have a responsibility to lend themselves to their community in some mentoring roles. Be it literacy programs, apprenticeships, or peer to peer counseling, I truly believe we can put a dent in the crime problem that lives in so many of our neighborhoods. W.E.B. DuBois, stated that it will be the "Talented Tenth", that will help the masses. Now similar to Plato's "Republic" , which identifies the "Philosopher King"as the leaders of the cities, its our duty to get into the fight and help, not sit back and judge others as they make mistakes!

Third, these were isolated thugs who committed this crime, not the entire African-American community. Whitlock, wants to throw the entire African-American community under one umbrella and make it seem like all that Black people do is listen to Young Jeezy, watch girls shake their a--, and kill each other! Whitlock also made the assertion, that because of where Taylor lived and because of his past issues, was the reason he was killed. Now, I am not sure if Whitlock is aware, but Black people are not monolithic! We are different , with different life experiences that are as diverse as the United Nations. We do share the common experience of ancestry, which makes it just stupid that he would talk about KKK and Black people in the same breath.

The bottom line, the life of Sean Taylor should be celebrated! He was a father, a son, a man soon to be married, a leader in his family! Whitlock, a obvious self-hating Negro, wants to prostitute all whats wrong in our communities and state their is basically no hope. I don't know about you, but the only judge I know is our heavenly father! God knows all the dirt I have done in life I am not in a position to judge anyone, but I cannot stand anyone who wants to point fingers at someone else and say they are less than because of their circumstance!

As a people, we must lend ourselves to persons who have found it difficult to live in today's complex society. If God has the ability to forgive and show us "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE", what makes it so difficult for us to do the same? Are we like Jason Whitlock, so insecure in who we are that we find a perverse delight in the tragedy in others? I refuse to be negative! I will love my people ....HARD, no matter what society says! Now we are not foolish, and we won't ever purposely be naive to what lives in society, yet I will not fear my people!

I don't care where a person comes from, I believe all people desire to be good and productive. We must be solutions to our communities issues, we must warriors, ...... GOD BLESS YOU SEAN! WE LOVE YOU!

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