Tuesday, December 11, 2007

File This Under: It's Funny, But It's Not Funny!!

Ok...first let me suggest a hilariously creative blog:
That's Not Hott I found it via AJ's site Overanalyze It

This chile, MsHott herself aka Danielle...is just funny! Every post I read I literally LOL'd! Even her sidebars are funny. ^5, MsHott!

Add this baby to your blogrolls-we're going to hear a lot about her in the future!

This youtube video was snatched from MsHott's site...I pray God forgive me for laughing until tears came pouring out of my eyes while watching this video...smh...don't go by my words, see for yourself!

Turn your sound up, and start asking God 2 4give you now!

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