Monday, December 10, 2007

How Did This Not Show Up On My Radar??

Rev. Jeff Witcher (below)
Lord, Please provide literal rain for your people in GA. The heat is driving pastors cuckoo for cocoa puffs and thus results in the whooping on their wives, and are becoming public disgraces-this is NOT YOUR WILL!! I'm praying for the latter rain-sooner, than later in Jesus name-amen!

Alpharetta pastor resigns after assault charges dropped source

The pastor of one of Alpharetta's largest and oldest churches resigned Sunday, nearly a month after his arrest involving a domestic dispute.

The Rev. Jeff Witcher stepped down as senior pastor of First Alpharetta Baptist Church during a meeting with church members Sunday. Witcher's resignation follows a Nov. 12 altercation with his wife, which resulted in him being arrested and charged with simple assault and obstruction of a 911 call.

"I am so deeply sorry," Witcher said in a letter posted on the church's Web site. "I accept full responsibility for my actions." Read Witcher's letter

A disconnected 911 call brought police to the Witcher home around 1 a.m. on Nov. 12. Shelley Witcher told police her husband pulled her hair, told her to leave the house, and held a shotgun at the bedside, though he never pointed it at her.

The charges were dropped on Nov. 20, pending Witcher's participation in court-ordered counseling as part of an intervention program. If Witcher successfully completes the program, the arrest will be wiped from his record within four six months.

First Alpharetta spokesman Jonathan Wilson said Witcher and his family have the church's full support.

"We as a church have forgiven Pastor Witcher, and now pray that God will be able to restore him and continue to work in and through him," Wilson said.

Witcher will retain his salary for an undisclosed time, and a search committee has been formed to name his successor, Wilson said. Until then, three church ministers and guest speakers will fill the pulpit.
I'm not willing to call Jeff a shyster/pervert just yet. Loose cannon, perhaps, but not a shyster or pervert.
Let me say this...i have NO IDEA what set him off, but he should've jumped in the car and went for a ride, a coupla rides, or several rides around the block,, to his mama's house, his boys' house...anywhere, until he was back to himself again. Pulling a woman's hair (will get you hurt), add an attempted eviction to the equation, along with a shotgun and it could've proved fatal for J.W. as well, ok??-at least that's true in my neck of the woods!
Having said that, I must give this some man credit- why you ask??
  • He didn't turn into a fugitive *clearing throat* as another well known GA "pastor"
  • He accepted responsibility and has accepted counseling
  • He confessed his sins
  • Again he accepted responsibility and blamed NO ONE for his actions-not once did he blame his wife.
  • Most importantly, the man STEPPED DOWN as pastor of First Baptist Church-Alpharetta.
  • I'm sorry, I gots to give the man some credit...he may have acted a behind last month, but I'm glad he thought of the church and not himself while in the midst of this situation.

I pray that forgiveness and healing goes forth in the Witchers' household in Jesus' name, and that this too shall pass.

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