Saturday, December 01, 2007

File This Under: Jesus Take the Wheel!

Nooooooo! Not the baby, Not the baby, too!
Bobbi Kristina, Puff-Puff-Pass

Looks like a generational curse has paid a visit upon the child of Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston. Pics of their daughter, Bobbi Kristina and unidentified friend has quickly circulated the internet depicting lil' Bobbi gettin' her smoke on.

Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus over Bobbi K right now. She could not handle the road her parents have already traveled.

It has not been documented as to where or when the pics were taken. Looking in lil Bobbi's friend hand...I can see the metal mouth tip of a pipe. They're smokin' like a G, wonder how long has she been smoking?? Conflicting reports states Bobbi Kristina is 13 or 14.

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