Sunday, December 02, 2007

Go 'Head, J-Hud!

(images by WireImage)
I don't know what kind of soiree this "Movies Rocks" in L.A. was,

but everybody who's anybody was there.
Check out J-hud!
She looks xtra slim & trim-
Either she:

a) Went on a crash diet
b) wrapped up tightly in seaweed, plastic,_______(fill in the blank)
c) Cabbage Soup (hey! I heard it works)
d) Coffee enema, like she's Janet.
e) a serious colonic
f) an expensively smooooooth body shaper
g) has missed some serious meals
h) That black outfit (along with some smoke & mirrors) slimmed the heck outta that child!
g) She told Leon Talley to "get outta my face, I'm going to dress myself!"

**whatever she did, I hope it was healthy...she looks great!**

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