Monday, December 10, 2007

******I'M BAAAACCCCKKKKK!!*********

*took a pic of my pics*
Me and my 1st love, Colin
Me at my cuz's house

Hi Family!
I'm back and I'm freezing!
It hovered between 56-62 degrees in L.A, and while everyone out there kicked their heaters up
to HELL...I was sweating!!
People were wrapped up in coats and hats,and I'm looking at them like like:
"you must be kidding?!"
56 degrees in Mich-will bring out the folks who wears shorts!
It was wonderful seeing my dad & stepmom and my bestest cousins:
Tisa, Tracy & Duck!!

I would like to give a special shout out to that GORGEOUS cook named Saadiq at the Gumbo Shack on Prairie! Lawd it's hard eating crabs and trying to look sexy at the same time!! :) But I did managed to pull it off ;)

The pic above at left, is of me and my 1st love Colin. He's a police officer for the state of California. That man has never met a camera he didn't like!! lol

All in all it was a wonderful trip, and I want to thank you, my blog fam who held it down and represented for me, eventhough I couldn't post as often!
Thank you so much! I just got in the house about 40 min ago,and look at me...I'M BLOGGING!
I'm hopeless! roflmbo
Oh well,it could be a crack pipe! ok????

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