Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ree-Ree/Diana, This Is Not How You Represent Detroit!!

Please, don't tell anyone you're from Detroit!! source

I know Diana is originally from Detroit, but is officially a NY'er. For those who know anything about Detroit, we likes to rock the clothing. We do not play when it comes to our clothes. You'd think that innate behavior would've stuck w/Diana. For shame, for shame. In addition to needing to giving her stylist (even if it's herself) the pink slip. She needs to fire that morticianesque make up artist, as well. Not a good look.

And Detroit's own Hot Mess, Aunty Ree-Ree, can always be counted on to disappoint us from head-to-toe. Not only has she decided to continue the madness, but she dragged her boyfriend Willie "I'm with her for the money" Wilkerson into the Hot Mess game as well. As if he cares.
Note to Ree-Ree's friends: Friends don't let friends leave the house looking like fools!

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