Saturday, December 01, 2007

This Week Alone...

Perusing the internet this week has been a sad one for kids:
  • Baby Grace aka Riley Ann Sawyers has been positively identified.
  • Latasha & Emily, both college students, bodies were found.
  • A young mother in GA, stabs her 1 & 3 yrs old children to death with a steak knife in a convenience store.
  • An aunt stabs her 12yr autistic nephew in the eyes.
  • An alcholic father shoots his adult daughters, after leaving divorce court.
  • A mother in TX tossed her 22-month old baby over the railing twice because she was "fussy."
  • And Bobbi Kristina INSISTS on screwing up her life by forging her way to Crackhead-dom via weed, at 13/14 yrs of age.
We must: pray, watch AND REPORT anything that's suspicious to the local authorities! You Better are becoming an endangered species!

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