Monday, December 17, 2007

This Star From "Shysters & Perverts In Jesus' Name" is trying To Put The Game on Lock!!

Important: Those caught up in idolatry of pulpit pimps and bound up in traditionalism (my pastor,my grandma taught me...) will not like this post.
But you better recognize...this is truth, and the truth hurts sometimes.
Get past your pride and learn about what goes on with pulpit pimps!

I klept'd this from one of the most aggressive watchmen (Melvin Jones is neck & neck) in the Body of Christ...IC.

Independent Conservative:

"Pulpit Pimp Eddie Long Tells His Followers They Can’t Watch Him On-Line if They are in His Area. How Else Can He Ensure They Give Him Money?"

Blogger Attorneymom at the blog Character Corner was trying to view pimp Eddie Long online this past Sunday and was denied access to the live video stream. (I’m not calling her a follower of Long, or making any endorsement of her either.
I’m not making any assertions about her positive or negative, just citing her post because she has the scoop:


'I paid a visit to to watch the live broadcast of New Birth Baptist Church only to learn that Bishop Long has discontinued airing the live broadcast of his services for those of us living in the metro Altanta area. He said that he has learned that certain of New Birth members were watching the service over the internet instead of actually attending the service.

Accordingly, he wants those of us living in the metro Atlanta area to personally come to the church if we want to hear him preach live on Sunday mornings.

I guess a pimp has got to do what he’s got to do in order to keep the money coming in. I mean you don’t want people who could drive over, wait 1 hour in traffic for a parking spot (and another hour when leaving) and toss you some cash to sit at home and watch via the Internet. That tainted skim milk is not the kind of thing I guess he wants to help the sick and shut-in have easy live access to. Eddie is as bad as the NFL teams that prevent locally televised broadcasts of home team games when the venue is not sold out. But they are doing what we would expect from money changers. Oh wait, Eddie Long plays as if he can be the money changer for God, so no wonder he did this. OK, it all makes sense now, in a heretical kind of way.

I say Eddie should go the whole cow and just end all his media broadcasts, because he spreads straight garbage.

To anyone who desires to view Eddie Long online because you feel he is a man of truth, please consider:
(note:please see the source above to check out the links for the bulletins listed below, very enlightening-with scriptural backing-bria)

* His ways against a read of Matthew 23.
* His efforts to have people give money for fulfillment of their personal desires against a read of Acts 8:20-23.
* Think about the big passover scam he runs annually.
* Consider 1 Timothy 6 and the instruction to FLEE bad doctrines, that do things like treat godliness as a means for financial gain.
* The games he plays with sermons.
* He claims to hear straight from God on High, yet lies and tells Christians they should pay into a man contrived system of collections that has been labeled a “tithe”, but is not tithing, can’t be tithing and was never a weight God placed on the church.
* His so-called “slain in the spirit” trick.
* His flip-flop regarding his treatment of Louis Farrakhan.
* His trashing of the gospel and charity scam.
* His assuming a place under Oneness heretic TD Jakes.
* His work with Paul Morton, that does not hold up to scripture.
* The support he gave to Earl Paulk when the scandals were breaking in the news.
* How his teachings fail to express scripture’s command of contentment.

Turn from those who make merchandise of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, 2 Corinthians 2:17.

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