Monday, December 24, 2007

Time To Wrap This Mess Up!
BISHOP WEEKS AND EVANGELIST BYNUM LOSING SIGHT: Weeks and Bynum's public affairs proves that they've lost sight of God's purpose.

On August 21, 2007 Bishop Weeks and Evangelist Bynum of Global Destiny Ministries were in a public domestic dispute and confrontation. Juanita Bynum and witnesses accused her husband Weeks of physically abusing her. Married on July 22, 2002 in a public wedding, told to be valued at five million, the couple then combined their ministries.

In the recent Essence issue Bynum gets candid about the marriage that effectively ended on August 21st at a meeting that was supposed to be a discussion on mending the marriage. The Pentecostal Prophetess accused Weeks of physical, verbal and emotional abuse, of which he has denied, but yet later confesses to his congregation that, "the devil made me do it." Bynum said she accepted the Essence interview request to squash the accusations of her husband. He in turn publishes a tell-all book, according to titled "What Love Taught Me" (Global Destiny Publishing), which he pulled 48 hours later, promising those who had already purchased it that he would reissue it later.

According to he claims that it was Evangelist Bynum who pleaded for the meeting that August 21st because she "wanted to use Global Destiny Church to help raise funds for her mentorship classes and wanted to solidify the location to make her commercial." She on the other hand in, her Essence interview said it was he who pleaded for the meeting to talk about mending the marriage.

Since the split Weeks was evicted from his two million dollar country club estate and was threatened eviction from his church, but made payment arrangements and saved that action. He is also facing a law suit from a former employee for $90,000. She claims that she brought, at his request, $90,000 in items for the church but was never paid back.

According to, Afroamerica said an eyewitness attending a prayer group meeting lead by Tele-evangelist Bynum, said the attendees were told to purchase a t-shirt (with the church's name on it) and if not, they couldn't attend the next meeting. That same eyewitness said that two weeks previously Bishop Weeks told his congregation that those who didn't pay their tithing would be getting a letter stating that they couldn't attend his church until they do.

It seems they both have lost sight of God's purpose for them, to spread God's gospel. Sometimes when God's people loose sight of what He asks or directs them to do, they loose his grace and guidance.

That's what the Weeks/Bynum drama is an example of. Their sight became full of "the business," "the tidings" and the public prestige. Unfortunately, they are not alone; many sometimes loose sight of what God wants/directs them to do, getting prideful and thinking that "they" created their successes.

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