Monday, January 14, 2008

If the Coroner Says Dr. Jan's Surgery Didn't Kill Dr. Donda...

I'm sure Dr. Jan is wearing a kool-aid smile right about now. Happier than a kid in a candy shop. Can't blame him although I want to! If u search Dr. Jan's name on YBR, you'd see I tore him 6 new booty holes. In light of the coroner's report, it's only fair that I apologize to Dr. Jan-I still feel he's responsible...but who am I? IMO, I do think he need to choose a new line of work. Anyhooo:

JAN ADAMS FEELS VINDICATED BY CORONER'S REPORT: Plastic surgeon who operated on Donda West releases statement.

*Doctor Jan Adams, the plastic surgeon who performed surgery on Donda West a day before her death in November, has released a statement claiming to be cleared of involvement in her passing.

As previously reported, the Los Angeles coroner said in a statement Thursday that West's cause of death was inconclusive.

"The final manner of death could not be determined. Multiple post-operative factors could have played a role in the death. The exact contribution of each factor could not be determined. There was no evidence of a surgical or anesthetic misadventure."

In response, Adams released a statement claiming vindication from the report.

"The coroner's report confirms what we have always believed," Adams said in the statement. "I hold sacred the bond of confidentiality that exists between a patient and doctor according to the law. Our deepest sympathies continue with the West family and we stand behind our decision to support them during these difficult times."

He adds, "Until further discussions with the West family, we have no additional comment."

West, the 58 mother of rapper Kanye West, died on Nov. 10 at Centinela Freeman hospital after friends and family made a frantic 911 call for help from her home in Playa Del Ray.

For weeks, Dr. Adams has denied that any negligence on his part led to Dr. West's death.


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