Monday, January 14, 2008

Mary J Blige and Steroids?! Say it Isn't So...*sob*

Blige denies link to steroid investigation

Singer Mary J. Blige performs at the General Motors Style event the night before the press preview of the 2008 North American International Auto Show January 12, 2008 in Detroit, Michigan. (Bill Pugliano, Getty Images)

Mary J. Blige has slammed reports linking her to a steroid investigation, insisting she has never taken the performance-enhancing drug.

The Grammy award-winning star, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Wyclef Jean and actor Tyler Perry have all been accused of ordering steroids or human growth hormone from doctors and pharmacists.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares named the celebrities who featured in his investigation on Sunday.

But Blige vehemently denies any involvement.

The singer's spokeswoman Karynne Tencer tells the New York Daily News, "Mary J. Blige has never taken any performance-enhancing illegal steroids."

Authorities have uncovered no evidence the celebrities violated any drug laws.
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**** know what?
I'm not going to focus on THE NAMES on this list...ok?
And have you looked at these people?
We have people walking around here with obvious steroid use, looking like the Incredible Hulk...women with receding hairlines, strong jaws and deep voices.
Men with muscles on top of their muscles.
And their accusing these artists of steroid use?
see video below for OBVIOUS STEROID USE!

And this man is going after Mary J & co??
Come on!
This is ridiculous!
Now I've watched enough Maury Povich episodes of "that's my baby daddy" to know test results will and CAN make you look like a fool!
I'm going to say this...I HOPE these allegations are just that...allegations.
Lawd, I hope my baby Mary is not on the 'Roids train!
Lawd, PLEASE tell me
just fine
My heart won't be able to take it, if it says contrast
*fanning myself*
I hope these allegations are false for all of the accused, but time will tell.

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