Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm Taggalicious!

My sis Rosemarie has tagged me, ouch! She's heavy-handed :)

The Rules are as follows:
Link to the person who tagged me, list 7 weird things about myself and then tag 7 others to play along. And, most importantly, let them know they have been tagged.
Rosemarie I can't say they're weird, but it's what I do"
  1. I don't like the smell of mayo, boiled hot dogs, or ramen makes me gag.
  2. You know how you scrape your plate, and food may remain stuck on it? If I see soggy bread, or egg skin floating in dishwater (or on a dish), I will not touch the dishwater (or dish)-I become upset and make the errant child remove the offensive foodstuff.
  3. If I say NO, anyone who knows me will NEVER ask me to change my mind. I mean what i say, I say what I mean.
  4. I can hear, smell and TASTE a lie a mile away...I will also CALL U ON THE CARPET about it.
  5. If you don't want to hear the truth. DO NOT ASK ME THE QUESTION.
  6. I hated my mother for 38 years (i'm 39). IMO she wasn't a mother, just a fixture in our in my life. With my children's earnest prayer and wanting to please God, when I tell her 'I love you' I now mean it.
  7. God has put a 'bodyguard' spirit in me and my children. We protect the underdog (vulnerable), i.e. homeless, bullied kids, person who ran out of gas etc, when idiots are offensive to them. We're always wanting to help the helpless.

Now that you've learned about me, I'm now Tagging:
Deeze (hope she responds)
Invisible Woman (I.W. makes 8...this is my girl, I have to represent!)

If you're going for it, let me know when you've hooked the post up :)

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