Thursday, January 17, 2008

Marion Be Like Vick and Just Do It!

MARION JONES APPEARS VIA SATELLITE ON 'OPRAH ': Track star explains why she lied about steroid use.

*Marion Jones appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Wednesday in her first interview since admitting that she lied about using performance-enhancing drugs throughout her career in track-and-field.

"I want people to understand that, you know, everybody makes mistakes. ... I truly think that a person's character is determined by their admission of their mistakes and then beyond that, what do I do about it?" Jones said via satellite from Austin, Texas, where she lives. "How can I change the lives of people? How can I use my story to change the life of a young person?"

Winfrey asked Jones what she was thinking during her repeated, impassioned denials that took place over the years. "You knew at that time, you knew were lying, right?" Winfrey said.

"I made a mistake. I made the choice, at that time, to protect myself, to protect my family," Jones said. "And now I've paid the consequences dearly."

Jones said she has yet to tell her 4-year-old son, the elder of her two boys, that Mommy's going to jail. She admitted she was disappointed that she was not given a probation-only sentence, as she and her attorneys hoped for.

"I put myself in a position to have somebody else determine my immediate future," she said. "I made that decision. I have to live with it, my family has to live with it. With the grace of God we'll get through it and come out even better at the other end."

Jones has until March 11 to begin her six month jail sentence for lying to investigators about steroid use and a check-fraud scam.
I hate that Marion went out like that.
IMO she truly played herself, but I do give it up to her for confessing.
Having said that, while I hate seeing her go to jail, she did break the law.
And I'm a firm believer in, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."
And she hasn't told her oldest child yet.
She better get a move on, cuz u know bays-bays all over the country are eavesdroppin on their mama's phone and kitchen conversations, and it'll only take a minute for one of those mannish kids to break Marion's kids heart in a manner similar to this:
bay-bay: You wanna go and see the the new Disney movie?
M.K. (Marion's kid): what Disney movie?
bay-bay: you knoowwww, the one where the pillows come to life when u turn off the lights and you can play pillow fight all night long.
M.K.: oh. I havta ask my mom.
bay-bay: why you gotta ask your mom if you can go to the movies?
M.K.: cuz my mommy said if I need something from her to just ask.
bay-bay: well tell her you're going to need her freedom for 6 mos, since she won't be needin it.
(looking confused) bay-bay: why you lookin like u don't know yo' mama doin' 6 mo flat?
M.K.: flat? flat what?
bay-bay: (long sigh) you are not THAT stupid! My mama, told my aunt Tameka, who told the twins' Cheyenn and Cheyenna's mother's boyfriend's sister's pastor that your mama is in jail for 6 mos.
Everybody knows yo' mama's in jail.
M.K.: shut up! take it back!
bay-bay: please, i ain't takin nothin' back!
M.K. oh yes you are!
bay-bay: no i ain't. who and what army is gone make me...??

***u see where this can lead to***
Marion, just keep it real. Tell the kids the truth. I'm sure they'll get street cred, now :)

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