Sunday, January 06, 2008

Introducing, YBR's 1st Shyster & Pervert story in 2008

Putting Out a Call to Mason or Twyla Betha, or anyone versed in the bible who's a member of your church...what is going on at (IN)Sane Church??
Pulpit Pimp's Puppe-uhh, Protege

You don't always have to look for a story, sometimes it'll come to you. Thus was the case of Mason Betha f.k.a Ma$on.
Mason has gone from P.Diddy's most successful artist/protege to that of Creflo Dollar's.
The following video of Ma$on is eerily similar to Dollar. From style of speech, to laughter, to anecdotes about his luxury items, to distorting the truth about God and money.
In other words...he's going to make WONDERFUL PULPIT PIMP!!

Creflo has cloned himself in the form of Ma$on Betha and its not a GOOD THING. I'm wondering how many more test tubes does Creflo have in his lab??
This is what happens when you attempt return to the vomit (rapping with G-unit?? R U nuts?!) that God took you away from. The world didn't want him, and he came back to the pulpit.
Ill prepared.
He's distorting God, and by the sound of the 3 or 4 people in the audience they agreed with him.
Woe unto him and them!

Pastor Mason Betha
Uploaded by RealTalkNYnet

Betha gives an unscriptural explanation of sowing.
Whatever monetary value you're blessed with, you sow that amount into the Kingdom or you won't be blessed.

So if...
I'm blessed with a box of $4 Kelloggs cereal, $2 socks, $7 tissue, $3.50 body wash, $10/wk for my kid's lunch money, $80/bi-wk for gas, $100 outfit, can't forget shoes...$60 shoes, $130 concert tix, $10 co-pay for my prescription, $800-rent (that's a blessing to pay that erry month)...well u get the idea...if I don't sow into the Kingdom (crunching some numbers)...approx $1206.50...I won't be blessed??
Well, what If I'm blessed by my friends and family, and they didn't tell me how much the blessing was?
Isn't tacky to inquire about the value of the gift? Will I NOT be blessed?
What scripture can I go to for reference, Betha??
Is there a scale that measures what's considered a "blessing?"
I mean all of the things listed above happened bcuz of God.

Drumbeat to my blogmom Lynn by way of DJenk 4 this mes-, I mean story

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