Sunday, January 13, 2008

Janet "Damita Jo" Jackson's "Feedback" Video

I used to be a former DIE HARD Janet Jackson fan (i've since realized, it was idolatrous). Fan or not-her vids were usually HOT...but I think Feedback's vid is a NOT. Judge for urself.

I like Janet's song "Feedback," cuz it's smooth and ez to sing to.

However, I'm disappointed with Feedback's video. There's no story line--just folks sitting atop of planets.
I couldn't wait for the dance sequence.
She didn't disappoint-there was one.
It wasn't the best dance sequence-but there was one.
My theory is, this song was an unexpected hit and they rushed 2 put a vid
It's not the Janet I know, but hopefulluy the videos get better from now on.
I just hope she appreciates THIS FEEDBACK.

Vid was jacked from Brown Sista

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