Saturday, January 12, 2008

Does This Chile EVER have an "Off" Day??

I couldn't pass up this story, so I straight jacked it from
MWZA , J-LO WISH she looked like this! That po' chile is pregnant errrrywherre-even in her nose :(

Click the link for Halle's interview with Instyle...Hal's Interview

Ohhh I tell ya,
Me and Halsy are soooo much alike! We have great looking men, money in the bank, a body that makes grown men cry, women envy us, fans adore us---
*cold water is thrown on me*
where am I?
Who am I?
*looking around at my surroundings and I become depressed and realize...*
I was dreaming?!
You have GOT 2 B Kidding!
Oh well.
I must give Halsy B her props.
Girly got it goin' on with or without baby!
I ain't mad.
I'm just sayin'.


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