Friday, January 04, 2008

KattWilliams -U Gots To Be Mo' Careful!

KATT WILLIAMS DISAPPOINTS CHICAGO FANS: Comedian atones by offering to give audience its money back.

*Over the New Year's weekend funny man Katt Williams debuted his new comedy material to a sold-out crowd at the Aire Crown Theater in Chicago. Unfortunately the audience didn't find the pint sized pimp to be all that funny.

Power 92 Radio host and Internet personality, Kendra G. was in attendance and tells EURweb that the audience was very restless from the beginning because Williams showed up to the venue an hour and a half late!

And to make matters even worse it seemed like he may have been high! At least that was an observation from some in attendance. (The fact of him being high has not been confirmed.)

Towards the end of his performance a woman in the audience yelled out, "I want a refund!" What happened next was even more surprising as Williams decided to not only give the woman who yelled out a refund, but the entire audience, too!

Katt Williams & Kendra G.

After the show Kendra G interviewed Williams and he stated the reason he decided to give the crowd their money back was because it has never been done before and that some people claimed they couldn't hear the show and that was not tolerable as far he's concerned. Listen here:

According to Kendra G, maybe the refund would have alleviated the crowd's disappointment but as of now, she says no ticket refunds have made.

"Personally, I will not say that Katt Williams was not funny because he was! But expectations for Katt are very high right now and with that being said he was not as funny as he was in Pimp Chronicles and the fact that the show started so late made it heard for the audience to accept anything less than what they were expecting," Kendra G. stated.

(alleged)Drugs+People=bad news
I still like Katt Williams.
And although he may have been (allegedly)UTI (under the influence), he still proved to be a man of integrity by refunding disappointed fans their monies.
That's aiiight.
People need to lay off medicating themselves for NON-MEDICINAL purposes.
Get some in help in addressing your unresolved issues-it affects not only you, but those around you.

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