Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Just want to spread some love to a couple of my MI visitors who pop in and out
BUT DON'T COMMENT...(woosahh, wooosahhh)
If I didn't mention your name it's bcuz I didn't know you,"Recognize"d!

  • Longest supporter-'M.M'.
  • 'B Angie B'
  • 'Philly'
  • Nesa-daughter
  • Tone-son
  • 'Yo-sista'-my sister (honorary Michigander by way of Lancaster, CA)
  • Ashmozy-niece
  • 'mama Ivent'-mother (who still doesn't grasp the blog concept)
  • 'Lowe-Lowe'
  • 'Hotsauce'-This 'Michigander's' blog must be checked out, if laughs are in order! That's Not Hott
To all other Michiganders...let me know who you are and I'll add you to this post (I must know you!)

To quote Philly: Let's do it 'great in 2008!'

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