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This crime took place late last year...but it's senseless nontheless.

Da'Niyah Marie Jackson, killed at the hands of her mother's loser boyfriend.
She was only TEN MONTHS OLD.
She was born looking like an angel,
and is in heaven already.
Thanks SJ
Read the commentary after the article, below!
R.I.P. Da'Niyah "Angel" Jackson

Daniyah's Murderer, Clinton Smith (b'low)
his story

On Wednesday, the family of 10-month-old Da'Niyah Marie Jackson of Troy Hill will face her accused killer in court. But Monday they were concentrating on making funeral arrangements for the doe-eyed girl who police said was beaten and sexually assaulted by her mother's live-in boyfriend. "She wasn't one of those babies that was really loud or cried all the time," said Clarence Jackson, the baby's grandfather. "She was quiet. She just kind of looked around with those big eyes and took it all in. You couldn't have asked for a better baby."
The infant died Saturday at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh from abdominal injuries that led to the failure of part of her small intestine known as the jejunum, according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office.

Police yesterday filed a homicide charge against Clinton Smith, 30, who was jailed on charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, rape and endangering a child. His preliminary hearing is slated for Wednesday in Municipal Court. The baby's mother, LaToya Jackson, left the child with Smith to go to her job as a waitress at a North Side restaurant, police said.
She told police she returned to find her child bruised and unresponsive. Jackson called 911 when the baby went into cardiac arrest and began having seizures.
Smith told detectives he and his toddler son were the only ones home with Da'Niyah all day. The family hasn't finalized funeral arrangements for Da'Niyah, but has arranged a memorial fund to help defray the cost. Donations to the Da'Niyah Marie Jackson Memorial Fund can be made at any PNC bank branch. LaToya Jackson declined to comment yesterday. "We're just in shock," said Clarence Jackson Jr., Da'Niyah's uncle. "We had to set up a fund because we didn't have insurance on the baby, because who thinks to take out insurance on an infant?
"We just can't believe this. We can't believe it happened. She was
a sweet baby."source

Heed This Warning, Ladies!:
I opened this up this morning and I am PISSED!!!!!

This is another example of what can happen when you trust strange men with your kids!! Please Everybody!! If you meet someone and call yourself falling in love all fast, that's fine and good BUT, leave the babies out of it. This day and age there are so many sick and twisted people on the inside and picture perfect on the surface. You do not know what lies in the minds of people in this day and age, I don't care how sweet they treat you and yours. We are living in a world where people do not fear God an d a s a result- there is no limit to the sick acts people do. Especially with our children. We (as mothers) have to protect our little ones!!! Even if it means giving up a personal life for a while. Put the babies first!

I don't mean to preach to anyone but I am sending this out to my entire email list so that it can affect the right persons at the right time. I googled this story and it is very true...sick, sad and true.

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