Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mother Soul Calls into C-Span and says "Black" Cannot Run A Country...I Agree

Drumbeat to my sis Rosemarie of Miscellaneous Matters, for hookin' me up w/this post..

"Mother Soul," the pseudonym I've assigned to the anonymous caller on C-Span, told it like it T.I. iz.
Do not be misconstrued.
Mother, did not say "a black" cannot be president.
She said "black" cannot run this country.
It takes more than being black in order to be president of the USA.
And to vote for Obama, simply bcuz he's black is ridiculous (IMHO)
If that's who u choose to vote for, fine. Just know what he stands for, and if u agree-do ur thang. Just have a foundation that entails more than the hue of his skin.
In Detroit, we're often advised to "buy black."
My reply: "I'll buy from whoever has WHAT I need, WHEN I need it, AT A PRICE I'm comfortable paying." Do u know how many times I've patronized black biz, only to be told "we're out of this. we're out of that too, we don't have anymore..."
etc etc
I'm proud of my blackness, and I'm EXTREMELY proud of black and other minority entrepreneurs...but if my opinion differs from what?
It's MY opinion.
Having said that, Mother Soul eloquently expresses her opinion...check out the video...and remember:
We Can Agree To Disagree. Disagree Correctly, or I'll delete your comment...
ya dig??

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