Friday, January 25, 2008

'Nesa's doing well in, Cali!

My daughter 'Nesa is now completing her first week in Cali as of today!
My baby, my young lady has been gone a full 7 days! *sniff*'
I shall not cry!
Here's a couple of pics!
She looks grrrrrrrreat!

Isn't She Loveeeelyyyyy?

Isn't She Won-der-ful(ly) (dramatic like her mommy!)

Isn't She Preeecious!

Bria's babygirl, representing 313, 248, 734, 586, 810-Michigan by birth,
Cali by destiny :)

I miss my baby like you wouldn't believe!
But I'm so proud of her!
You go Nesa, mommy misses you sooo much!
***I also want to throw some love to my younger sis Dee aka "Yo' Sista" who sometimes post a comment on YBR. She not only provided shoulders for me to cry on (when my daughter was going thru), she also provided a home for her niece, my daughter-when Nesa became so frustrated with MI.
Dee thank u so much, and you already know-from the bottom of my heart, I'm eternally grateful!!***

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