Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ross, Not The Boss in Jamaica!!

DIANA ROSS BOOED IN JAMAICA: Fans upset because she wouldn't allow cameras to film her for the large screens.

*Imagine being a life long Diana Ross fan and paying some 70 or 80 bucks to see her in concert, only to be so far away that you can't see any part of her, or even the stage itself.

This was a frustrating reality for many Jamaican fans at Saturday's Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Montego Bay. The event turned ugly when host Don Topping announced Ross' request that she not be filmed for large video screens that would allow everyone at the Acquaduct Rose Hall to see her performance.

Needless to say, her decisions caused many in the crowd of roughly 40,000 to boo and heckle The Boss throughout her hour-long performance, which went unseen by most audience members seated too far away.

Festival rep Carlette DeLeon released a statement admitting that "the much anticipated performance of Diana Ross on Saturday proved somewhat disappointing to many patrons who expected a very interactive set."

"Miss Ross' request to have a restricted display of her performance however, inconvenienced patrons who were left feeling distanced from the stage and her performance," she continued.

Jawn Murray of AOL Black Voices was on hand with a video camera and captured one round of booing after Topping announced there would be no videotaping of Ross' set.
See video here

According to local entertainment television correspondent Candice Buchanan, many fans had been looking forward to the performance for months, only to come away without actually seeing the Detroit native.

"[They were] saving up their moneys to make sure they wouldn't miss this once in a lifetime performance by their favorite star Diana Ross," said Buchanan. "Now for them to get there and be deprived of even a glimpse of Miss Ross was indeed a major blow. That coupled with the fact that her performance was low energy and filled with lip synching lead to the [reaction] she received. Apparently Jamaicans felt dissed by the diva and lost interest."

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