Saturday, January 26, 2008

That's A Mean "Side-Eye" If I've Ever Seen One!

This pic is worth a trillion words!
Who ordered a dish of "side-eye?!"

I went to my sis' house at Overanalyze It and had to post this pic, lol!

This kid's side eye is saying:
a)Smokes and coffee-your breath smells like my grandpa Henry!
b)He got one mo' time to spit on me
c)Everybody knows not to get in people's face after a Tuna sandwich
d)practicing for a Color Purple audition, "U told Harpo to hit me???"
e)not looking at the prez, but her friend "Breeanna," "didn't I tell you DON'T TELL THAT MAN MY NAME?! Ohhh, wait til after class, I swear I'm gone kick your..."

What say you, fam?

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