Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Will Probably Be Messier Than Brit-Brit's Hair Extensions, and Child Custody Hearings...Say It Isn't So Kwameeeeee!

Kilpatrick phoned Worthy before scandal broke, says prosecutor's spokeswoman
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(Wayne Cnty, MI Prosecutor Kym Worthy-b'low)

DETROIT -- Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick telephoned Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy on Tuesday morning -- the day before the story of his scandalous text messages hit the newsstands -- to tell Worthy he would remain neutral in the 2008 prosecutor's race, a spokeswoman for Worthy confirmed Friday.

Kilpatrick's intention to stay neutral in the prosecutor's race is significant because Worthy and Kilpatrick had clashed early in her four-year term after judges chose Worthy in January 2004 over Virgil Smith, who was backed by outgoing prosecutor Mike Duggan and much of the Democratic establishment.

The timing of Kilpatrick's phone call is also significant, since it would be up to Worthy to decide whether the contents of the text messages demonstrate that Kilpatrick and Beatty should face perjury charges in connection with their testimonies last year in a civil suit brought by two former Detroit police officers.

"She was very surprised to hear from him," Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for Worthy said. "He rarely calls."

Worthy has only received about three phone calls from Kilpatrick in the last four years, Miller said.

Miller would not say whether Worthy viewed the call from Kilpatrick as an attempt to curry favor with her.

Worthy announced Friday her office would investigate possible charges against Kilpatrick and Beatty.

Detroit lawyer Portia Roberson, a former assistant county prosecutor, this month announced plans to challenge Worthy in the August primary. She could not be reached for comment Friday.
Hmmm, timing's everything isn't it?
What are the odds that Kwame calls the one person who has the power to change his life 4ever, the day b4 his hotmessness comes out, and talks to her about her job, basically?
This man was referred to as Mephistopheles (Definition of Mephistopheles) by a non-fan.
The bible says they will know you by your fruit, and unfortunately his has soft spots, mushy, gusy, wormy and it's affecting the surrounding fruit.
it's time to toss the offending fruit OUT! Before more damage ensues!
Again, I'm hard pressed to believe that this man will be held accountable.
He hasn't had to so far.
Why isn't another prosecutor conducting this investigation?
Why-bcuz another prosecutor would find HIM GUILTY!!
I can't wait for the finding of this investigation. I truly hope I'm wrong.
Maybe she will conduct it objectively-I just highly doubt it.

Detroit, is only as good as its leadership.
That would account for a lot, smh

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