Saturday, January 26, 2008

Introducing Billy Blanks, Jr...

U never know what you'll stumble across when you're blog surfing. Having said that, I was chillin' at one of my lil blog bros blog and learned, Billy Blanks' (of Tae Bo fame) son-Billy Blanks Jr (BBJ)- has an infomercial out. Who knew? I didn't know, cuz I don't watch TV. Well BBJ, is a browner version of his sister and his dvd looks easier and more engaging.

(Billy Blanks Jr aka BBJ , pic'd b'low)

His dad's dvds almost resulted in my death. smh- But yet I made it through that fire!! His dvds work...but good googly moogly...I just started sweating thinking about Papa Blanks' dvds.

Anyhoo...check out baby Blanks' infomercial...there's a lot of dancing and singing (i can get with that)...but it does have a little cheese factor to it. His wife, actress Sharon Catherine (Brown) Blanks is an actress/singer who I remember from an episode of Good Times: Sharon appear'd on an episode entitled "Breaker, Breaker" where she and 'Michael' communicated with each other via CB radios and when they met in person, Michael was surprised to learn she was in a wheelchair. She STILL looks the same, eventhough she was 15 when she appeared on Good Times. For more info check out Sharon's bio

One thing I've noticed during my Tae Bo years-his daughter Shellie was always on the scene...but BJ wasn't. Shoot-you couldn't even find a pic of BBJ anywhere online until recently. Ok-but I digress. Look at the video and for more info on Billy Blanks and his family go to Billy Blanks Foundation and for info on BBJ go to BBJ's website
Btw, if anyone's tried BBJ's regimen-please let a sista know. I need to tighten p.

This vid was klept'd from Mind of Marcus

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