Friday, January 11, 2008

WWCs Need Love Too!

Fitted for Us, WWCs*
*women with curves

I'm not sure about her...she's busty, but I wouldn't classify her as a WWC??

(Big) Girls....You Betta Work it!!

Let the haters hate, while we eat cake!

Ok, so I'm still on a quest to find the perfect template without giving me the error message...'something's not parsed (blah blah)'
when I came across a site the spoke to me.

It said, "Heyyyy Bria, come here and check me out-let me show u what I'm working with!"
Now u know it didn't say all of that, but it did
beckon to me.

The blog is called:
And in the header are the words,
"Celebrating Women with Curves. Discussions about Beauty and Health at Every Size.

I believe the WWC who runs this blog is named Corrina,and gf is on a mission. Check out her left sidebar. She's definitely into civil rights! God bless her.

Instead of a fist raised in the air reppin' black power,
I feel like a badge should be created with a big Turkey Leg raised up to the sky!

Hey, it could happen!
check out Corrina's blog...there's a link on the site to buy clothes (on the right sidebar) too.
**Believe it or not...when I visited a post, a very rude poster with the comprehension level of one who failed 8th grade 3x's
made a comment that was rude
(if ur self-esteem isn't up to par!)
...and just stupid!
Again, check out Corinna's blog Celebration of Curves

And thank you r&b singer, Anthony Hamilton for the ode to us big girls!
"Sista Big Bones"

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