Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Are An Inspiration:: Jane Elliott

The biggest supporters of my blogging at work, are my NON-BLACK (white) CO-WORKERS- I work with 5 whites and (1 recently retired) 4 blacks! When something of interest crosses their path, they pass that tidbit onto me and suggest I blog it. If I feel it's relevant-I will. Chile, I'll take all the hook-ups I can get, ok??

Having said that, today my coworker who I'll call "The Whistler" (T.W.) cuz his crazycool behind WHISTLES 7.5hrs out of an 8.5 workday
(It could be worse, he could be oderiferous,or talk to himself and answer, or be a disgruntled employee and take it out on me lol) , HOOKED ME UP (without realizing how much he did) with an awesome story on the human spirit! More importantly, I just spoke to my son about this woman, Sunday, and her name failed me! Imagine my surprise when T.W. dropped her name in my lap!


The woman pictured below is named Jane Elliott.

The day after MLK was assassinated in April of 1968, this Iowan teacher to 3rd graders decided to alter the class' lesson plan.
After carefully questioning her class about their knowledge of Negroes (this was the 60's afterall) and seeing they simply parroted what they heard from adults-Jane conducted an experiment.

She divided the class into blue eyes/brown eyes.
The brown eyes were the designated inferior group.

Can you imagine being in 3rd grade, and the kids who played with you yesterday are now shunning you??
That's exactly what happened in Riceville, IA

This no-nonsense looking woman with an affinity for change turned not only Riceville, IA but America on its ear with that one experiment.

I believe this video will open the dialogue about the "Pink Elephant" that's chillaxing in many American living rooms.
Racism is an equal opportunist.
It affects black homes just as does whites, and IMO it's worse in black homes.

You Better Recognize's header statement says, "...
There's nothing wrong with being ignorant, the crime is in CHOOSING TO STAY IGNORANT!"

Let's not continue to make excuses and justify our blind ignorance any longer. Let's come together as a community, starting with the blogger community and decide to extinguish the flame of hatred.
Jane Elliott:::YOU re an inspiration!!

If you're not familiar with "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: A Class Divided"
Please scroll down ad click on the link,and share the video!

(Jane Elliott)

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