Sunday, February 10, 2008

Amy Needs to Stay In London...and In Rehab...YES YES YES..

I'm digging this Amy v2.0!!

This girl looked great on the Grammy's!
She danced, smiled and knew ALL OF THE LYRICS to her songs, and she can SANG!
I'm so happy for her success!
I pray she keeps it up.

when she's sober, she has a way of singin' out the side of her mouth, lip whatever...and her 'blues brothers' looking brothas aka her back up singers are hilarious with their "Temptations" choreography, lol

...uh oh
she just found out she won for Rehab!!
she's so shocked, oh goodness she's so shocked!!
I love seeing her sober!
The crowd is chanting, "AMY, AMY AMY"
She thanked her mom and dad (her mom was on stage with her)
she thanked "Ray-Ray and Joe..." (this girl knows she's ghetto, lol)
...this is for Blake (husband), Blake incarcerated...
and for London...cuz Captain Town ain't burnin' down!"
I am typing so fast, lol
Congrats, Amy!
(at 08:32 into the video*below*, Amy's announced as the winner-observe her facial expression and the action happening around her! Priceless, lol)

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