Sunday, February 10, 2008

If Mama Ivent's Not Happy, Neither Am I

Tina Turner-My mama aka "Mama Ivent" has but one Question:

What in the Monkeydoodledandiness have you done to yourself, Tina?!

(ok, so it's more than one-get over it-we're in shock here!)

Why did you succumb to the pressures of fame, and jack your face up?!
The unnatural arch of your eyebrows and your shiny, prominent cheekbones, in addition to the breasts that rightly belong to a 22 y/o seems to be signs of visits to a plastic surgeon!
Quoting Mama Ivent in reference to you, she said:

"Why would she do that to herself?! She was aging so gracefully!!!"

My mama is convinced that wasn't you performing on the Grammy Awards a minute ago with Beyonce! You didn't look like your original self:

I had to convince Mama Ivent that was indeed you, the original Tina Turner-cuz Beyonce will not perform with anyone who's less than an A-lister, unless they are members of Destiny's Child!

Thank you Tina Turner-at the age of 62.5, my mom has few women in Celebrity-Land who was representing and keeping it real with their age...and now she has to scratch you off of her list. You'll be 69 this's ok to have a little crow's feet etc. And I won't even tell you about the potential risks you exposed yourself to by undergoing your procedures.

Needless to say, Mama Ivent's TRAUMATIZED!!

I-I-I, I'm just at a mom will be ok..but will you? When will you accept yourself for the beautiful woman that you truly are?!

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