Saturday, February 16, 2008

Deputy Dumps Disabled Guy Out of Wheelchair...

TAMPA, Florida (AP) -- A sheriff's deputy who was videotaped dumping a paralyzed man from a wheelchair onto a jailhouse floor has been charged with abuse of a disabled person, a sheriff's official said.

(Deputy Charlett Marshall-Jones, pic b'low)

Brian Sterner, 32, has not been able to walk since a 1994 wrestling accident.

Hillsborough County Deputy Charlette Marshall-Jones, 44, turned herself in and was booked into the Orient Road Jail early Saturday, jail records show.

She was charged with one count of felony abuse of a disabled person and released after posting $3,500 bail.

Surveillance footage from January 29 shows Marshall-Jones dumping Brian Sterner out of his wheelchair and searching him on the floor after he was brought in on a warrant for a traffic violation.

Sterner, 32, said when he was taken into a booking room and told to stand up, the deputy grew agitated when he told her that he could not. Video Watch what happened on tape »

Marshall-Jones was suspended without pay, and three other deputies were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.
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If convicted, she could be sent to prison for five years.

An attorney for Marshall-Jones listed in jail records did not immediately return a phone message.

Marshall-Jones also could not be reached by phone for comment Friday night. A telephone number listed in her name has been disconnected.

Sterner, who can drive a car but has not been able to walk since a 1994 wrestling accident, was arrested at his Riverview home and taken to the Orient Road Jail on a charge of fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer, according to records.

He had called for charges to be filed against Marshall-Jones.source

I honestly believe there's more to this story.
Anyone who's familiar with my postings know if it's right, I'll say it's right-and if it's wrong, I'll say it's wrong (even if everyone says it's right).
Something's just not clean in this milk.
Now when I 1st read the story, I thought the article had a typo when it said "she" was going to turn herself in. #1,
I couldn't tell that was a a female deputy in the video- I was sure a man had done this-ONLY BCUZ the act was so aggressive, and the person in the wheelchair was male.

Now, Sterner is no saint...he was charged with fleeing and eluding and even had a warrant issued for his arrest-so it's not as if this is his 1st encounter with the law, but I'm wondering...did he mouth off, get smart, talk mess-as people at police stations are known to do?
Now-I'm not excusing Deputy Marshall's actions AT ALL. But I find it hard to believe that she would just turn over a chair w/out provocation. It is possible for her to-I mean i don't know her, never heard of her prior to this story...but I just can't get feeling to go away-there's more to the story.

Having said that...she should've walked away, and let someone else deal with Sterner. He was defenseless. The man was/is in a WHEELCHAIR...which meant he COULDN'T stand up.
If you look at his limbs, atrophy is def apparent.
Was she blinded by anger to take notice that he was indeed telling the truth...probably.
I was able to tell in the video (looking at the positioning of his limbs) that he hadn't used his limbs in a while.
It causes you to flinch when you see how hard he hit that foor, and the deputies just continue with their duties. What was also hard to watch was a deputy (male) who walks towards the camera and is obviously smiling.
Because there's no audio-so his smiling looks cruel. Could his smile be that of "I guess she (Marshall-Jones) showed you (Sterner)."
"I'm glad that's not me..."
who knows?
One thing, no two things I noticed:
I haven't heard of this officer having had disciplinary action taken against her in the past for violent offenses against civilians (this happened Jan. 29th) more than enuf time to dig something up
she and others involved were suspended without pay.
I HAVE HEARD OF MORE HEINOUS CRIMES and the suspects received suspension w/pay (read-vacation) until the investigation has concluded.
It takes one lapse in judgment to change your life forever.
She should've walked away, counted to 10, called a supervisor-something.
No matter what she does from now on...she'll always be associated with letting her anger getting the best of her and tossing Sterner to the floor.
Also...if ONE co-worker would've stepped up, who knows how this could've turned out?
Now bcuz guilty by assoc., accessory-whatever-her homies are going to feel the crunch in their pockets too. Was it worth it?
Of course not.
Ok...that's all I'm going to say on that topic.
This story is just sad all the way around.

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