Saturday, February 16, 2008

WoW! What A Beauty!! And Deelishis looks cute too! lol

Whattttt? U Mean There Is Life After Flava-Flaaaavvvvv?!

I don't know how Deelishis found the inner strength to go on, lol
well, the right eye-candy can ALWAYS aid in the healing process :)

Now y'all already know, as soon as I go to CVS-and see this on the shelf, it's mine's. I mean of course I'll pay for it.
I won't Bai Ling it or anything, lol

All kidding aside, when I read this article (S2S is my fave 'hood mag), of course I'll do a write up.
U know, I bet he was immediately drawn to London's charming personality...let me stop.
I'll keep u posted :)

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