Sunday, February 17, 2008

Breaking News....Breaking News...Aretha Franklin...

THIS JUST IN...Aretha Franklin is no longer the "Queen of Soul." I REPEAT, ARETHA FRANKLIN IS NO LONGER THE "QUEEN OF SOUL." Her new title is "The EMPRESS OF ALL MUSIC"...Again, Aretha Franklin is NOW "The EMPRESS OF ALL MUSIC." Please note this change. BEYONCE: THIS IS YOUR 1ST AND LAST WARNING!!Thank You.
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(above, Aretha Franklin accepts new title of "Empress of ALL MUSIC" graciously-lol)
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I'm not sure if everyone's aware of Aretha "Ree-Ree" Franklin's elevation to Emperess, so I wanted to do my share in spreading the news.
If you or a loved were unawares of this new promotion, please take a minute to get all of the pertinent details, and spread the word.
I'm sure the Queen, i mean Emperess (this will take some getting used to, indeed) Franklin will appreciate it!

Aretha's Elevation to Emperess

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