Monday, February 04, 2008

For Kicks And Giggles...

I paid a visit to a blogger who visited me, and before I could post my comment...I was struck by a Naomi Campbell commercial she was talking about...I'll be back, let me see if fellow blogger gives her name ( 3 minutes later)--ok, I'm back. Well, her blog is entitled The True Urban Queen...and that's the only name that is emblazoned on her blog. That title is polysyllabic, therefore I dub her T.U.Q. ( "Tuck") . I simply went to reciprocate her visit...but upon reading her blog, it seems TUQ and I have some definite commonalities: working on 1st novel (so am I), has two children (so do I), love high heels (so do I), believes men/children ages a woman-no disrespect to either class (but so do I), was horrified when she saw a pic of Jasmine Guy-who did not age gracefully, God bless her (me too!), don't agree with Naomi Campbell's antics-but dig her anyway (me too!). Anyhoo, needless to say I have to add TUQ to my blogroll.
Oops, I've digressed's the Naomi commercial I was talking about--F.Y.I. Naomi will be 38yrs old in May 2008 (laughing so I don't cry):

You Go, Nay-Nay!!

This video was klept'd from T.U.Q.

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