Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's My Perogative...

Putting my $$ On a diff horse...

Well, If Hill-ary-ous', boy
Rep. John Lewis can choose to cast his vote for Obama, and publicize it, I guess I can too.

My number one candidate, whom I was casting my vote for is not going to make it, therefore out of the candidates left...the lesser of the evils are Obama, in my opinion.

I did post a couple of weeks back, and said although his video "Yes We Can" was moving, I still wasn't voting for him.
Well...I'm voting for him, and he's an OK guy.
I guess.
It's funny, cuz Villager of Electronic Village said I'd change my mind by the end of the year and vote for Obama.
I begged to differ.
Well, it's FEBRUARY!! *sigh*
I hate when people are right, lol.

So as it stands, I'm voting for:

Father, help me. lol

p.s. I'm also reconsidering voting due to the controversial electoral college. It seems that our voting is futile, if the popular vote & the electoral college aren't the same.

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