Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Toot (My Own Horn)..

I'm tooting my own horn:

My daughter is homesick, and I didn't tell her to "come on back home to mama!" lol I wanted too though.

I took my mother to the casino-at her request ( i went to eat!). I can't stand the smoke, but I took her. I could not FIND HER (inside the casino)FOR 38 minutes...I called her cell, and after the 7th call, she called me back and she gave me the most ridiculously insane directions to find her. I needed mapquest. She was approx 100 feet from the entrance-but she had me on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CASINO. I let her live. lol

This my first meme with blogamama, and it's not too bad.

Also...I'm SICK OF GOIN TO SCHOOL, but I'll be in class tonight *sigh*. I'm soooo tired of school. I'm yet pressin' on.

Lastly, a self-described "radical Anarchist" came to my blog and ABSOLUTELY DISRESPECTED IT-in the worse way. I won't go into details, bcuz that would be the action he'd want from me. Anyhoooo, instead of me debasing myself and replying back-I banished him to "Incorrigible Postersville." He's an angry young man and I feel very sorry for him-but I won't feed into his trash. So I'm tooting my horn bcuz I DID NOT GO OFF on him-I quietly banned him.

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