Saturday, February 02, 2008

This Video is Moving...But I'm Still Not Voting For Obama

Well, someone who's down with Obama has blown the dust off of their stylus and gone thru their PDA to call in some favors with Hollywood's A,B and I think a couple of C-listers, and put together a wonderful video.

You all know I keeps it real AT ALL TIMES, to the dismay of some (and??), and I must admit-this is very effective and moving video.

Having said that, I'm STILL NOT VOTING FOR HIM (I don't believe in voting just bcuz you're black, or just bcuz you're female. It goes a little deeper for me)...but for those who straddled or hadn't considered voting for him before...many will after this video.
I ain't mad at 'em.

Judge for yourself:::

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