Monday, February 11, 2008


My Twin, One Man is under the weather...I'm picking up the mantle today to showcase NI**AS. sigh...

Taking my cue from my big bro Field Negro, I must delegate the lawn jockey award to a married couple who has truly fallen off. I have no words---y'all know that's a lie...I'll think of something but first:

Buffoonery, and Sambo are adjectives that immediately spring to mind when I think of this "Un" dynamic duo and THE STUNT THEY PULLED AT THE GRAMMY AWARDS, yesterday. This is what happens when insecure people who's records sales decline, bottom out, plummet ____________(insert your own word here), and do not have a plan B. I have accepted the fact these people just don't care. And neither do I. Stop blaming crap on white people...LOOK AT WHAT OUR OWN PEOPLE are doing. smh It's so sad, and disgusting- that's its laughable.

Between Kelis' Solid Gold dancer lame' pants, to the lipstick on her teeth, to Nas-who have just given up hope of striving to be long as you know his name, he's satisfied...this couple who was referred to a royalty is now nothing short of JESTERS!!

Judge for yourself:

Yes indeedy, Hotmessness at its finest.
Thanks Nas/ would've been a slow Monday...I won't fatten your pockets when that dreaded CD comes out..but you'll DEFINITELY HELP ME GET MORE HITS ON MY BLOG!!

Images of Nas/Kelis courtesy of Brookly Vegan. Lawn Jockey Image courtesy of Field Negro

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