Thursday, March 20, 2008

BET's CEO Debra Lee...Helper or Hindrance to Our Community??

Debra Lee, CEO of BET

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As a woman, I'm not sure how Debra Lee could oversee a company that shows our community in such a dismal light.
From ghetto rump shaking in the videos, to the incredibly embarrassing College Hill...I watched ONE EPISODE and was horrified.

Truly, there is NOTHING original at BET.
Stealing ideas from MTV and slapping a new name on a show does NOT MAKE it original content! It's no secret that MTV is sleazy...but when another show aspires to be JUST AS SLEAZY...I must question it. I have older children. In addition to sex channels, I had the BET channel blocked on the cable.
Well, the tables have been turned.
The Boondocks has created an episode that has Debra Lee aka "Debra Lee-vil" (as in Dr. Evil from Austin Powers).
Take a look (it's a full episode, approx 22min) and then comment.
*warning: this is Boondocks afterall, viewing is not intended for younger viewers due to language, mature content*

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