Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Talk About Keepin' It Real!

This is a case of :
Before little dirt sniffing snoops, and player-haters alike can get paid from divulging ugliness that involves the Patersons, newly appointed NY Gov. David Paterson beat those crackheads to the punch!
You won't be gettin' a fat check off of their former marital issues!
Uh-oh...there's always their former lovers, who should go into hiding right about now, who can be wooed with the right amount of zeroes on a check.

Gov. David Paterson and his wife, Michelle, have reportedly acknowledged infidelities.

It's not often you hear about the wife doin' her thang on the side (not saying it doesn't happen, just saying we don't hear about it too often), but I give this power couple credit because they went through one of the most betraying circumstances in a marriage, worked it out, acknowledged it in public and took power away from paparazzi crackheads, and opportunistic crackheads at the same time!
ba da ba ba baaaaaaa, I'm lovin' it!

We know it's not over yet...and dirthounds are gonna come a sniffin' but for right now, they're alright in my book.
Gird your loins Patersons, and buckle up!
It's gonna be a bumpy ride as the lil pitbulls and rotts come nippin' at your backsides!!
Read about the Patersons admitting their indiscretions here.

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