Monday, March 17, 2008

Site Receives Cease & Desist Order...

Chilling at my baby blog sis Shae-Shae's blog, I read that a cease and desist order was issued to Highbrid Nation .

It seems this image:

Lil Wayne

in addition to Hybrid Nation's words were illegally used.
Give me a break.
The ad is ghetto, and suspect as sheol.

Lil' Wayne, and Byrd Man caused all kinds of drama in the past for DL behavior, and then this ad comes out, and stirs up the hornets nest...again.
Looking at this ad, who'd think it's an ad for condoms?
My first thought... it was a ghetto behind album cover-glorifying the stereotypical life of rap/thug/gangster/arrested and caught with an illegal weapon/cache of drugs/driving on a suspended license/dl (down-low) rapper.

Lil Wayne had to be popping those e-pills (or maybe not) to even pose like that for the camera!
What in the world was he thinking??
The ad is a monkeydoodledandy hot mess...and I agree with Highbrid Nation-this marketing strategy did miss the mark.

The ad is stupidity, stereotypical (with blacks in the starring role as the BUFFOON) and ignorance at its best.

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