Monday, March 17, 2008

I Married Paul McCartney, and All I Got Was A Bloody Check For $50MILLION DOLLARS!!

$$$ Heather Hit A Lick for Real! $$$

The divorce proceedings that seemed to never end...has ended.
Heather will be getting a check cut out in the amount of $50m!
That is $50,000,000.00-that's alot of doggone zeroes.
Ex-Beatle to pay $50M in divorce settlement

The downer to this story is lil Beatrice (their offspring) gets a pittance of $70k/year.
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And Heather's complaining! smh
She said she is, and this is from CNN:
...unhappy with that amount because it isn't enough for school tuition, private security, or first-class airfare.
She also said, and I quote:
"He likes her to fly five times a year on holiday," Mills said of McCartney. "It's 17,000 (pounds) for two people return (round-trip) first class, so that's obviously not meant to happen for her anymore. It's very sad."
I didn't want to think Heather was on a paper chase..., but she leaves me with no other doubts. Beatrice is a kid..she can go to public school like I did, get ONE SECURITY GUARD, AND PUT HER BUTT IN COACH ON AN AIRPLANE (SHE'S ROCK ROYALTY...NO ONE'LL MESS WITH BEA, ALSO SHE HAS ONE BODYGUARD!!!), AND HAVE THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT KEEP AN EYE ON HER...THAT'S WHAT MY MAMA DID!!!!
And unless Beatrice has a cocaine crack problem Paul doesn't know about, I would think $70k /yr should suffice FOR A FOUR YEAR OLD!! Or better yet Heather, PAY FOR HER STUFF OUT OF UR $50MILLION DOLLARS!! She (heather) married for 4 yrs, had a child and made more money then she'll ever make in her entire life and she's still complaining?! Give me a break! You know Paul is going to hook Beatrice up...but for her to complain in public is ridiculous.
How about a simple--"Pleasure doing business with you, Paul??
And I've said it before- kids
are resilient. Ok, you're not living in a mansion've downgraded to a mini-mansion.
Heather, you tell Beatrice "this is our new home and you're gonna like it doggone it! Unless you want to pay the bills out of your paltry $70,000 child support money-I suggest you shut your trap. (Beatrice shakes her head "no.")That's what I thought, Bea. Now be a good girl for mummy...go look at the 12 bedrooms and pick yours o
ut out...better yet, tell your Nanny to pick it out for bugger off, while mummy smoke a fag (a cigarette, sigh)
Sadly, I don't believe this is the end of their drama. Somebody's goin to write a juicy tell-all. I won't buy it, no offense-but British people bore me. Unless you're Scary Spice or Prince Harry, or Emma Thompson-there's a couple of others, but their names escape me now.

Read the rest of the story here

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