Monday, March 17, 2008

Hear Ye, Hear Ye A Child Has Been Born...

Like many of us women, Halle has been thru and seen some things! From discrimination due to her multi-ethnicity, to dad who's inactive in her life, to doggish-lowdown-dirty men (can I get an amen???) to failed marriages-Halle is proof that beauty don't mean a thang in the real world. Having said all of that, Halle has recently experienced one of the greatest miracles ever on Earth. The birth of your child. The pain ceases once that bundle of joy is placed in your hands...sigh...I remember-I remember. Hopefully- just like her pregnancy, her postpartum depression will be a breeze too!
*sidebar*I just wished I had the $$ to hire a nanny for my youngest. That rascal had colic like you wouldn't believe. I grimace to even flashback on that. *shiver* He's the quiet child, and my daughter whom I had to put a mirror under the nose to verify she was still with us, is the loud one! Isn't that crazy?? **end of sidebar**
I just wish Gabriel (Halle's baby-daddy) wasn't a statistic now. ( like many of us). He's now part of the "baby daddy/mama clique."
I'm sure Halle's back to her pre-pregnancy shape by now :(

Congratulations Halle & Gabriel!

Image: Halle Berry

*Oscar winning actress Halle Berry gave birth Sunday morning at Cedars Sinai hospital to a baby girl at approximately 10am!

The 7 lb 4 oz baby is the first child for he 41-year-old actress and her 32-year-old boyfriend Gabrielle Aubry.
Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubrey, Remodel This book launch, Weekend Hot Shots

Although the couple said they have no plans to marry, Berry told Oprah in an earlier interview, the two of them are fully committed to each other. They met in November 2005

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Seriously, Halle was one of the best looking pregnant celebrities hands down. Some had good/bad days (pregnancy is hard, admittedly)-but you couldn't tell with Halle!
She was on the move with her basketball belly- with and without Gabriel. Girlfriend was doin the doggone thang!
I ain't mad at her!
The source didn't say, if she had baby naturally or not -just curious in light of her having Diabetes.
I'm sure we'll find out when she gives an interview and first pics of baby for $40 gazillionbillion dollars, lol

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