Saturday, March 22, 2008

Uh-oh, "Day-Day" May Have To Pay-Pay!!

A woman in GA gave birth in December 2007 (child's sex not disclosed),
and has said:


Under normal circumstances, congratulations to comedian Mike Epps (aka Day-Day of movie "Next Friday" fame)would be in order.
But since the woman IS NOT HIS WIFE, Michelle McCain-the apprehension in claiming the child is understandable.
I'm not going to say anything right now, bcuz how many x's have I seen Maury and the female said Pookie was the baby daddy and 10 prospective baby daddies later...there's still no baby daddy??
According to TMZ
Epps has been contacted 5x's via letters, in addition to phone calls by the woman's lawyer Randy Kessler, all to no avail.
Story still developing.
I wouldn't want to be in the Epps' household right about now...smh :(


Mike Epps & wife, Michelle McCain

*media takeout has a reputation of distorting info-this pic has been verified and Michelle McCain is Epps' wife.*

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