Friday, March 21, 2008

Teyana Taylor: Google Her Baby...

For those of you who watch/watched MTV's Super Sweet 16 episodes...many of you may remember Teyana Taylor. She's a singer, and a skateboarder.

Video clip from MTV's Super Sweet 16:

Great self-esteem
Ep. 31: Teyana

She's also very vocal:
My Super Sweet 16 (Season 4)

embraces her eclectic side
Teyana on My Super Sweet 16.

a model among other things...

Teyana Taylor In Zac Posen 2

source: Concrete Loop

And now the video "Google Me"...I really liked the song b4 I ever saw the video.
I guess it's bcuz unlike what we see today with our youth-Teyana is disciplined, decisive, aware of where she is, where she wants to go, and what she has to do to get there-oh yeah, Teyana is only 17 years old!
Having said that...the video is..cute.
I know she's rolling with Pharrell...which probably would account for the abstractness of this video. I wonder-how much money did they spend to make this video look cheesy?? lol
It's like paying $120 for brand new jeans that look old and worn, u know the 'vintage' jeans we just love? lol
Ohhh us Americans. smh
Anyhooo check out Teyana and if you wanna know more about her, Google her baby!

Vid jack'd from Concrete Loop

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