Friday, March 21, 2008

The Photo That's Launching Black Conspiracy Theories All Over America...smh

I love the content of

To me it is a great black entertainment blog just as Concrete Loop, and Young, Black and a matter of fact, I utilize their content often.
Today, I remembered why I stopped posting at Bossip and other black entertainment blogs...sigh...drama.
Drama that only my people can stir up. lol

When I first viewed this image at
Urban Scanz
my thought was hmmm, ok that's cool. I like the "opposite" element that's going on here:
aggression of athletics/softness of modeling
(not including drug use, bulimia, anorexia, backstabbing etc lol)
you get the picture.
As a matter of me the cover was boring-
that's why I didn't include it at Bria's Own Words along with the other covers featuring black celebrities

Don't get me looks like Lebron and Gisele had fun doing this photo shoot, but nothing stopped and made me go..."wow that's a nice cover, I want to feature it at Brias Own Words..." nor did it make me want to call Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton!

Well chile let me tell you...all hell has broken loose at Bossip...there are so many theories flying around in the comment section, you'd have enough material to write a dissertation for a doctorate's degree.
It became so ridiculous, I got a headache and decided to post this pic and see if any of you
see Lebron as
  • King Kong
  • A Slave
  • hoodwinked/bamboozled
it goes on and on.
And for those (myself) who don't see the racist intent of the photo, they (me) too have been hoodwinked.


So I'm asking you all...when you view the image above (please note the title of the issue), remember the issue is about the bodies of athletes and super models. Vogue has chosen the athlete and super model who is at the top of the game, What comes to mind?
Is this a subtle racist cover?
Please clue me in.

Read comments at Bossip regarding Vogue's cover here

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