Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1Cor. 13th...Love Covers A Multitude of Sins...Hope LisaRaye Remembers that...

If this is true, then Misick is Making Me Sick!

Chile, it's hard being 'low-low-but not THAT LOW-kinda middle class' and not get in trouble...so I can't even imagine what it's like being 'royalty' in another country. But if you're rich, prominent, and have status...WHY R U GETTING INTO TROUBLE (allegedly) anyways??

What am I talking about?

It seems that 'actor' turned first lady-duchess, Queen, lady-in-waiting, Your Highness...whatever her title is, Lisa Raye's (of movie 'Player's Club' fame) husband Premier of Turks & Caicos (I guess that makes LisaRaye-Premieress) Michael Misick is being investigated for sexual assault charges against a Puerto Rican female,over 18.
Uhh ok. Heck, with that description we'll be able to identify the victim in any Macy's Parade crowd!

source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

Surely, he knows it doesn't take much to get caught up in a compromising situation as a politician! LisaRaye should've googled, 'Hot Mess Politicians' printed out the results and and stuck it on his wall...just so he'd have a clue!

I hope it's not true.

I did think it was odd, when I saw a recent pic of Lisa Raye and she didn't have on her official 'American girl-who-hit-a-good-lick-White.'
It made me wonder (for a moment) if all was well at the crib.

Did she stand up to him and say, "Michael I swear...if you BUY ME ONE MORE WHITE OUTFIT...we're taking it outside, so my daughter don't see me go Player's Club on your behind!!"
I'm sure after she clicked the remote and played that scene (where she beat up 'Ronnie' near the end of the movie) for him...he thought better of it.
If I know Lisa Raye (and i don't, lol) she probably had aunty Vivica (Fox), gel down those sides, pull that (collagen) syringe out of her lips and smuggle a dress to T&C with the quickness!
ee, what I mean?
Aunty Viv, has some nice taste-thtat dress looks great on Lisa Raye!
She oughta switch up more often...or dang, add a splash of color (or put Aunty Viv on payroll, and let her become her personal shopper-wouldn't hurt).
Lisa Raye reminds me of Morgan Freeman (in his role as 'God') on Bruce Almighty-with all that white. She just took it to another level.
Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey
Image source: Google

Anyhooo...I just hope that love she was gushing about during her wedding, still applies. Whether he's guilty or not, this is sure to test their marriage-and this is where your vows come into play. She always came across to me as fiercely loyal, and I hope that's true. Cuz although Lisa Raye is pretty, she still looks like she'll pull a switch blade out on ya! lol

**I'm goin to quote my other baby blog sis Dejanae...'ima need for this one to not be true..' I agree 100%**

We'll see. Story
Details here.

Oh...and is Turks & Caicos part of the U.S. Territories?? Why did the FBI...land their chopper over there???
time'll tell.
I hope it's some kind of weired convuluted misunderstanding.

Did you know Turks & Caicos (T&C)...is like a big deal now? Esp., for celebrity black folks-it's no longer God's best kept secret.

Turks & Caicos ...is a BEAUTIFUL place. I'll have to adopt 6 kids with the quickness so I can get a JUICY tax refund next year, and be able to afford a one night-one day visit. It is $$$$

Oh...you don't know how Turks & Caicos, roll??
Click here and prepare to be amazed!!

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