Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot Country Fried Mess...SMH

Cheerleader Beater Show Cancelled...

It's bad enuf stupid girls filmed themselves beating up a girl to upload toYoutube and that they didn't show remorse...We now have idiotic TV show people bailing them out in the name of ratings.


What could only be classified as WHAT IN THE HE**, staffers of the 'Dr. Phil' show took it upon themselves to bail out one of the heffas for a future show on the Youtube Beatdown incident.

I'm not sure if the Jerry Springer behind the scenes show still comes on, but if there's any truth to it, I understand why those heffas bailed out that Youtube Beatdown heffa. According to that Jerry Springer behind the scenes had to vie for the best show. It was brutal, and it can literally mean your job-if your show idea failed to garner good ratings.

How could you lose bailing out the beatdown ringleader Mercades Nichols??
This man has two shows, books and lawd knows what else-is it that serious???
Apparently it is.
Don't forget, Dr. Phil got his boxers chewed out for taking advantage of Britney Spears when she was staying in a rehab facility.
The staffers are only as good as their leadership.

Watch a clip of the video viewed around the world via Fox these girls beat their "friend." **warning-vid is hard to watch-senseless beating**

Dr. Phil has been off of my list for a long time...he's just as gutter as the paparazzi. Well, if Oprah can have a pregnant 'man' on her show, I guess it's ok that her protege bail out a future serial killer.

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